About the South Whidbey
Community Center

Our Vision

We are creating a connected community that offers learning activities for all ages, opportunities to explore creative expression and personal development, a resource for families and people in need, and a place that honors diversity and respects our center’s unique history.

The South Whidbey Community Center is operated under the umbrella of Readiness To Learn, a non-profit organization that works in partnership with schools, communities and families. RTL’s goal is to help each child reach their potential regardless of their circumstances.

The South Whidbey Community Center encompasses community members at all ages and stages of life.

Community is Core

The South Whidbey Community Center provides an environment that strengthens community by connecting people through education, recreation, wellness and social opportunities.

We help create a connected community with balanced and flexible programs that meet the community's evolving needs and where collaborating with community partners, individuals and businesses is of utmost importance.

The Community Center is in a central location for people to work and organize together for the benefit of the community.

Rooms are rented at a low monthly rate to individuals and organizations that offer programming which benefits the whole community.

The community center is a safe environment for all ages to come and embrace technology and get connected.  Successful community building is a grassroots effort - feel free to come in and share your vision.  Let us build a vibrant community center together.


Purpose and Goals

1.  Preserve our historic facility
2.  Embrace diversity
3.  Provide a safe, inclusive, welcoming place for all community members
4.  Support student learning through skill-building extracurricular activities
5.  Offer educational and learning opportunities for all ages
6.  Provide a central location for people to work & organize together for the benefit of the community
7.  Increase exposure to the arts
8.  Embrace technology to better serve the community