Youth of Color Collective

R.A.C.E. has headed up several community initiatives and youth programs, including the Youth Of Color Collective (YOC). Prior to COVID-19, children attended regularly to socialize, create, learn, and have fun. Parents and caregivers socialized while their children played together. All participants experienced a new sense of pride and togetherness, self-esteem and well-being. With this kind of support, our children will be more able to stand-up for themselves and others when experiencing overt racism, while adults continue to work behind the scenes to create an anti-racist community.  With your help, and on the other side of the pandemic, we hope to host artists, scientists, and other guest speakers who will inspire our young people.
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If you would like your child to participate in YOC, or if you are a person of color who would like to be a guest presenter for YOC, or you are interested in the Readiness To Learn Tutoring Program, you can reach Kenesha Lewin here:
Email:  [email protected]

Phone:  360-221-6808 x 3143