Backyard Age 8-12 Class size: 8

August 11th (Wednesday)

Come and explore moving in all sorts of ways with Coach Sarah! Each week will have a movement focus on running, jumping, crawling, balancing, tossing/catching, or climbing and we will connect those functional human movements to fun games! Don’t forget a water bottle!

Backyard Age 7-12 Class size: 8

August 17th (Tuesday) 

Coach Beck will help students move through The Backyard’s parkour space, as well as practice Martial Arts skills, Yoga exercises, and use theatre and group activities to help explore humility, self-control, integrity, respect, courage and perseverance. Don’t forget a water bottle!

Coach Beck is an army veteran. She holds a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, is a 200 RYT certified Yoga instructor and has been instructing youth for over 5 years.

Design + Placemaking in Landscape Age 10+ Class size: 10

August 9th, 11th, 12th (Monday, Wednesday Thursday)

Youth will participate in a design/build process to recreate one of the Community Center’s doorways… a new portal, an entrance for new beginnings? They will gain skills in visioning, site design/planning, materials selection/sourcing and work with the Community Center to build out their creative vision. This camp incorporates creative design and bringing designs to life during build days.

Marimba 3rd-5th grade Class size: 10

August 16th, 17th, 19th (Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday)

Zimbabwe style Marimba Music.

A hands-on introduction to world music, while focusing on group music skills and community music-making. Learn fun rhythms, melodies, and harmonies in the culturally rich and fun summer music camp. We will be playing on marimbas, drums, and hand shakers.  We will be moving our bodies too!

Salish Sea Themed Paper Mache Age 10+ with flexibility Class size: 12

August 16, August18, and August 20th (Monday, Wednesday and Friday)

Come learn to make easy art with paper, scissors, and paste. Then paint in wild colors, dots, and stripes to add your own magic. This paper mache camp will result in your own treasure to take home.

You could make your own personal sea crown, treasure box for storing your jewels, humpback whales, or shiny painted and decorated fish, star or octopus. Once attached to a stick it can instantly become a wand or a parade! The art pieces are to cheer on the marine life and show gratitude.

Sound Water Stewards- Microscope Madness Grade K-3 Class size: 10

August 17th (Tuesday)

Let's all be scientists and take a closer look at the world around us! We will go out to the play field and tree line to look at the tiny wonders around us. The kids will all have a magnifying glass of their own to go explore and we will take back some things to look at under the microscope! What will we discover? We might also feed barnacles in a live tank using “plankton soup” and watch them eat with their feet.

Wellness Workshop Ages 10-18 Class size: 6 per session

One day singular sessions. Utilizing the SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness program, we will journey into the world of wellness where we will cultivate healthy habits, create goals for ourselves, make our own easy and delicious snack, and finish it off with a stroll through a nearby forest! A special Wellness Toolkit will be given to all participants! This is remote/on computers @ Community Center and in-person.

***Note to parents: This program specifically addresses the prevention of alcohol and drugs***

Register here and Colleen Chan will reach out to schedule a date and time.

Youth Mural Curating and Painting Grades 6-12 Class size: 9

August 10th-August 24th (Tuesday and Saturdays)

This program continues the conversation about the power to imagine what a “new world” might look like as we emerge from a pandemic and are experiencing the effects of global warming. The creative mentors, Melissa Koch and Jesse Levesque, will become facilitators and healers through drawing exercises, art examples from the world, and open discussions about how to create meaning, unity, compassion, and stewardship of the Earth with creative work. Youth will learn how to prep, prime, and transfer their sketches to their individual wood panels; translating their voices into new murals.