Community Paint Day

Make Your Mark

One of the last days of spring was a pretty and colorful one at The Community Center, with dozens of people showing up to help paint the new mural on the front of the gymnasium.  This mural, designed by visual artist Jeremy Jarvis, is part of the Creative District revitalization. Readiness To Learn invited community members to come “Make Your Mark” and participate in the lower wall painting.  At 70 feet by 38 feet it will be the largest mural on the south end of Whidbey Island.

All images courtesy: ML Harris Photography

As many as 22 people at once converged on the wall in what amounted to a large paint by number group experience.  Jarvis had previously outlined the design on the wall and numbered what colors went where.

He and local mural apprentice Max Cole-Takanikos were on hand to assist and make sure it all went smoothly.

Jarvis and Takanikos still have plenty of work to do with the upper part of the mural.


Jarvis was selected from among 41 artists from around the U.S. for the project.

The mural shows a young boy and girl reaching to hold a dahlia.

The mural is part of the Langley Creative District revitalization and helps identify The Center as it expands its role in the community.

Artist's Statement

"The use of the words GROW, FLOURISH, UNITE and CONNECT are integrated to inspire the viewer and assist in the direction and meaning of the image. The word COMMUNITY is shown as the largest and most central word to emphasize the importance of what can be accomplished when we unite and move forward through life with a strong and unified vision for the future."
Jeremy Jarvis

Artist Jeremy Jarvis' sketch is projected on The Community Center wall.